Ink Gel is Ink for flash foam type pre-inked stamps It is Available in two series :

1. Brilliant Series for long life of inked stamps.

2. Economic Series
Both Series of ink give good results in respect of Ink penetration, Bright colours, Sharpness of image and have long shelf life.
Available Sizes (Inks of Both Series are available in)
Bottle 20 gm., 100 gm., 250 Gm., 500 Gm.
Bulk Packing 1 Kg. for Bulk Users.

Available Colours ( Ink Gel for Flash Foam type pre inked stamps )
Brilliant Series Black, Royal Blue, Violet, Red & Green.
Economic Series Black, Ultra Blue,  Queens Violet, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Peacock Blue, Crimson & Brown.