Fountain Pen Ink Waterproof Drawing Ink

Hitech Free Flowing writing
inks for fountain pens.

Available Sizes ( Fountain Pen Ink )
Bottle 500 and 60 Ml. Plastic Bottles
Bulk Packing 5 Litre for Bulk Users.

Available Colours ( Fountain Pen Ink )
Colours Royal Blue, Blue Black, Deep Black, Brilliant Red, Emerald Green, Bright Violet, Crimson & Turquoise Blue.

Water Proof Drawing Ink is used widely by Engineers, Architects for Enginering Drawing & Architectural Drawings. It is also used by artists and historians for specific purposes.

The Ink impressions are Waterproof and pencil-eraserproof on paper, board, Tracing-cloth and Film.

Use Daytone Waterproof Drawing Ink for best results of dyeline reproduction, copying, thermo copying and microfilming.

Available Sizes ( Waterproof Drawing Ink)
Bottle 23 Ml. (Plastic Bottles)
Bulk Packing 1 Litre for Bulk Users.

Available Colours ( Waterproof Drawing Ink)
Colours Black