Daytone Adhepex-10 is a quick dry, non toxic, odourless transparent, liquid adhesive.

It is ideal for paper to paper, paper to cardboard, paper to cloth, paper to jute, paper to metals, paper to glass, paper to wood, paper to ceramic, paper to wall, getatine to gela tine, mounting photographs and several other applications.

Available Sizes ( Daytone Adhepex-10)
Bottle 50 ml. & 30 ml. (Plastic Bottles)
Bulk Packing 5 kg. & 20 kg. (Plastic Jars)

50 ml. Plastic bottle is provided with special sponge device & 30 ml. Plastic Plastic bottle with spherical plastic plug for easy, Clean & waste free application.

Adhepex-10 is a perfect choice for mounting photographs, affixing posters on walls & hoardings, labeling on glass bottles & cartons.