Stamp Pad Stamp Pad Ink

Daytone Long Life true Impression Stamp pad is provided with rich quality pad encased in plastic body. It Provides soft, non-curling, fast absording pad system having very long working Life.

Daytone pad is provided with bouncing effect Which makes it possible for the stamp or thumb to be inked on its entire working area in a single stroke thus ensuring transfer of perfect, sharp & true impression on paper.

The bouncing property of pad also reduces the feeling of tiredness of hands even if user works for a long duration continously.

Fast absorbing pad system is provided with protective ring which prevents overflow of the ink by the sides of the pad body and keeps pad, table & hands of the user neet & clean. It can be used as a table piece.

Available Sizes ( Stamp Pad)
Clear Pad Size 110mm x 70mm is Available

Available Colours ( Stamp Pad)
Colours Violet, Red, Blue, Black & Green. Blank pad (Without ink) is also supplied

These Inks are formulated in a balanced proportion of non-drying & volatile raw materials which enable the ink to dry immediately after application on paper but remain in moist condition on Stamp Pad for very long time.

This property of ink also enables the user to reproduce neat, clean & sharp stamping image on paper in every season. It also reduce consumption of ink in considerably large volume and minimises the need for re inking of the pad at short intervals.

The image transferred on paper remain stable in its original shape & size without spreading of the edge.

Available Sizes ( Stamp Pad Ink)
Bottle 30 ml., 60 ml. , 110 ml. & 500 ml. (Plastic Bottles)
Bulk Packing 1 litre.& 5 Litre. (Plastic Jars)

Available Colours ( Stamp Pad Ink)
Colours Violet, Red, Green, Black & Blue.

Daytone Stamp Pad Inks can be used in stamp pads of any other brands available in the market without any hesitation.

Daytone Stamp Pad Inks prssess a very long shelf life and do not deteriorate if stored in packed countainer under normal atmospheic conditions.