Daytone Aqueous Flexo Inks.

We offer Water reducible Aqueous Flexographic Inks. These Inks are meant for printing on Paper through Flexographic printing machines. Inks can be used on Paper / Board for Printing on packaging Cartons, Paper Bags & Multi Wall Sacks, Paper Tapes, Paper Labels, Decorative Wall Papers, Tobacco & Bidi Wrappers, Ruling on Exercise Books, Note Books, Account Books & Diaries, Abrasive paper, Computer Stationery etc. Special Grade Inks also Available for Paper Napkins, Tissue Paper, Paper Cups & Plates.

Available Sizes ( Daytone AqueousFlexInks)
Bulk Packing 5 Kg. & 20 Kg. (Plastic Jars)

Available Colours ( AqueousFlexInks )
Colours All major colors are readily available. Special colors can be formulated on Demand.